Mom and I Start Our New Journey Together

It’s been a week since my mom had her masectomy and I’ve had my 2nd bloodwork done.  Start w/ mom.  She is doing amazingly well.  She has spent the first week w/ her sister, which was great for her.  They are making her great meals.  They even have her (2 days after masectomy) walking 2 miles a day.  This is fantastic.  I would never wish this on anyone, but sometimes life’s turns work out for the better.  See, my mom’s work had changed her work hours from 7am-4pm to 7pm-3:45am.  I think that is just cruel to change a 64yr old woman’s hours to this.  I’ve been begging her to retire.  She is totally able, but that’s a scary thing as well.  MG and I have done all the work to help her and give her all her options.  Now b/c of her surgery, she is retiring March 31, 2011. YEAH!  Also, she and I are very different.  I eat healthy, work out everyday, etc.  She, until now didn’t have much interest.  Now she’s eating well, walking and working out 1hr a day.  I’m so proud of her and really look up to and admire her.  She is my inspiration.

Now to my HcG levels.  It’s been 2wks and they are now down to 482. Still nowhere near zero, but getting there.  I had completely stopped bleeding and then started back now.  The Dr’s say that is normal and not to worry.  Feeling well, doing well and MG has been unbelievable.  You really start to learn about yourself and others during times like these.  He and I have gotten even closer and I realize how much we care about each other.  He was torn up about losing the baby, but was so happy that I am ok.  He was so worried about me, but until now I never knew. 

I think sometimes we, as humans, are tested.  It’s sorda like a reality check.  I never really thought about children or wanting them.  Once I found out I was pregnant I had such a flood of happy emotions that I never thought I would have.  Now that I have lost my baby, I realize how much I want one.  I always, like so many people, thought it was so easy, so natural to have a baby.  I will never think that way again.  I now have such an appreciation for the whole process.  Again, something I took for granted that I never will again.  Please don’t take your life, loved ones, relationships, animals for granted.  Life can change at any moment and you need to live with no regrets.

“Make It a Great Day–Go Inspire!”

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