1st Bloodwork

Today is a big day.  It’s my first bloodwork since my surgery.  Since my surgery, I took it easy for about 4days after.  I started back on the elliptical and shovelling snow.  My bleeding has been heavy and light.  I have felt nothing buy great since.  Physically, my workouts are getting stronger, I love coffee, chocolate, soup again.  My lover tummy muscles are very sore.  Emotionally, I having a very rough time.  I was dealing w/ everything ok until the day after my surgery.  Now, I’m feeling very empty, alone.  I’ve lost my 2 dogs, now my baby.  It’s a very lonely feeling, something I’ve never experienced before.  Also, I feel very sad for my mom.  She’s having her masectomy in a couple of days.  I begin to think, if I was that scared of my minor surgery & I have MG here w/ me.  Who does she have? I’m here in Canada, she’s in NC. She’s divorced, has her sister and mom, but no one at the house w/ her.  See my mom is the kindest person I know.  She will give you everything and ask for nothing.  She’s more worried about me, but I can’t imagine what she’ s going through. 

So, at the surgery my HcG levels were 191,150.  Today-1wk later they are 3,140.  That’s a fantastic drop! I feel great, but my lower tummy hurts and a little burning when I go to the washroom.  They checked my urine and sure enough I did get an infection.  Because of the instruments used in the surgery, it is common to get an infection.  They are giving me some amoxycillan to treat it.

So, good news so far, but we’ll see how next week goes. 

“Make it a Great Day–Go Inspire!”


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