Surgery Day–Road to Recovery

So, today is the day for my D&C.  I view at the first day of my road to recovery.  We had a HUGE snowstorm last night, so the roads were terrible to drive on.  I can’t believe how much better I already feel. I’ve got energy again, no nausea, but a lot of bleeding.  We arrive for surgery at 10:30am for my 11am start time. I have not had any water or food since midnight.  Once I arrive, they inform me that the Dr is about 4hrs behind, for me to come back at 3pm.  OMG! I’m going to be starving, thirsty, etc.  I want to get this over so badly.  Still very nervous about the needles and the surgery itself.  Oh well, at least they are still going to be able work me in today.  I am disappointed, but there’s no reason to take it out on anyone.  They don’t want to be behind anymore than I want them to be behind.  It’s out of my control and I might as well look at the positive that I’m still getting it done today.

So, we leave, go to the grocery store to get food for when I can eat and then head back home.  MG shovels a ton b/c I can’t help.  We go back to the hospital for 3pm.  The staff was so kind and they treated me like gold.  We got the needle over with, they wheel me in to the operating room where the Dr. is.  They tell me to picture being on a beach w/ my favorite drink (diet coke and malibu rum) and before I know it I will be asleep.  I said, wait, I have one more question.  I have a soccer game in 3 days, can I play?  They just said to see how I felt and I was gone.

All went well, surgery was only about 15 mins and I woke up very quick, only 30mins.  I woke up to one of my fav songs and was dancing in bed and singing.  They made me stay another 1.5hrs just to make sure I was ok.  I haven’t had any nausea, sickness or anything and my appetite is great.  I feel really, really good.  For me, I’m ready to move forward.  I would like to than the Dr and the staff, they were all so wonderful!

A long road ahead.  I have to get bloodwork every week (remember how much I love needles) until my HcG gets to zero, then monthly for 5 months at least staying at zero.  I hope you will all join me on my journey.  It’s going to be bumpy, but I hope others of you will get something out of this.  Whether you or someone you know is going through this or to inspire you to live every day to your best.  MG has been my rock through all of this and I never realized how close we are.  I take too much for granted and that is definitely going to change.  My whole world, thoughts, feelings, actions are going to change for the better from here out.  I’ve got a lot to learn.

“Make it a Great Day–Go Inspire!”


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