Ready to Move Forward!

After a weekend that felt like eternity, MG was on the phone first thing this morning working on getting me healthy again.  It has been a long weekend, finding out that I am not going to have a baby, that I need a D&C and that no one is around to help me until Monday (today).  So, he called the Dr office where the specialist is that will perform my D&C.  The secretary said that the Dr was really busy, but may be able to work me in. I was told not to eat or drink and come to the hospital and wait. Well, I haven’t eaten or had drinks since 9pm Sunday night.  We go to the hospital and wait and wait and wait.  I was miserable, but tried to think positively.  I was sicker than ever, so tired and for what?  Nothing.  I didn’t have a baby growing inside me.  When you have this type of pregnancy, your body doesn’t know yet that anything is wrong. So, you have all the pregnancy symptoms and usually times 2.  Not only do you feel pregnant, but your body thinks it is twice as far along. Therefore, I am 10 wks along, but my body thinks it is 20 wks along.  That’s why I was showing early on, I feel so very sick, tired, cold, etc.  Very depressing to feel like this and know it is for no reason.

Anyway, we sat in the hospital for 4hrs, hungary, thirsty, sad.  Finally at 2pm the Dr came to meet me.  She explained molar pregnancy a bit different than my family Dr. She didn’t make quite as scary, but explained that they needed to remove the contents soon.  She would not be able to do the surgery until Wednesday.  The thought of waiting 2 more days felt overwhelming.  I have never felt so sick.  Maybe it’s b/c I haven’t had anything to drink or eat for soooo long and that combined w/ normal pregnancy sickness was too much for my body. She ordered more bloodwork to see where my HcG levels were and another ultrasound to be sure that this was a molar pregnancy.  I appreciated this b/c you want to be sure. I would never want to have this surgery just to find out there was a mistake and it was a perfectly normal fetus. 

I really like this specialist.  She seems very confident and in control.  Well, another 2 day wait.  Waiting seems to be the theme for now.  Below is a link on what is involved in a D&C.

“Make it a Great Day–Go Inspier!”


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