Can’t Take It!!!!

I had my ultrasound today. Boy are those uncomfortable.  My tummy was so full of water and you have to hold it while they press the machine on your tummy to try to get pics.  I was getting very concerned. The tech didn’t seem to be getting the pics she needed.  Of course, they can’t tell you anything, you have to wait for your Dr. This is torture especially when you are already worried something is wrong.  Oh well, you have to do it so you do. I am now 10wks along.  I get in the car w/ Matt and not to worry him, but said I jsut didn’t feel positive about it.

Well, at 4:30 we get the call from my Dr to come in.  I know this is not good to be calling me in (35mins drive away)  on a Friday at 4:30 and they close at 5pm. She said you need to come in and you should not leave for Costa Rica.  She wouldn’t tell me anything on the phone, so the whole drive over we are terrified aobut how bad the news could be.  Couldn’t just be a miscarriage or they wouldn’t be so somber.

We get there and they tell me I have a Molar Pregnancy. Even the nurses there (all Dr.’s were gone) didn’t really seem to know what this is.  They told me it is when 2 sperm fertilize one egg and the egg doesn’t split.  It’s not a baby growing it’s little tumours (look like grape clusters). Also, I will need a D&C done by a specialist, then my HcG levels have to get back to zero, then at least a year wait to try again after they hit zero.  I have never been so devastated. This is terrible news.  Positive–at least we can try again. This is a freak of nature type of thing that no one really knows a lot about.  Nothing you can do to prevent it though and nothing to hurry the process up any either. 

I just can’t believe it.  This has been a terrible year.  What more?  Can’t physically handle much more.  I came home, cancelled our trip and did hours and hours of research.  Below is just one of many links to this condition. I hope that my experience from here out can help someone else.  There’s just not a lot of up to date info on this.  I have always felt sympathy for someone when they have a miscarriage, but until you have one, you will never understand the emotional pain.  This is very difficult and I can’t stop tearing up.  At least we only told 3 people.  I don’t have to tell everyone about this. 

Join me on this journey b/c it will be one!  I’m trying to stay positive, but right now it is very difficult.  The only thing uplifting right now is that my condition is curable even if it does turn into cancer. Wow! I’ve got a lot to learn.


“Make It A Great Day–Go Inspire!”


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