A Little Scare…

Not much going on today.  We did a strength workout today and I felt amazing until around 4pm.  Then, the rest of the night was terribly quizzy.

Let me back up a bit. This morning for almost an hr I had a little brown spotting.  I called the Dr. b/c I was concerned.  I had been back to workouts for only 2 days, was I doing damage.  I was re-assured that nothing was wrong, not to worry, very normal.  I asked to get an ultrasound and they hummed and harring, but finally set me up.  I go in on Friday morning, so I hope nothing is wrong.  Got to admit, very nervous.  The weirdness on Monday, no heartbeat yesterday (and I’ve read 9wks is early, but not too early) & now spotting. Geez the wait to Friday will be hard.

I am vegetarian and I love it.  I went Vegetarian after doing a lot of research.  My grandfather died 2yrs ago of lung cancer, then Stryker in March b/c of lung cancer.  Again to my research. I decided to drop meat w/only having seafood and dairy occassionally.  Best decision, hasn’t quit been a full year yet.  Problem b/c of my quizziness, I don’t really want much, but crackers and bread.  Have to be careful b/c you should never diet or watch your weight while preggo, but you also don’t want to let it all go.

MG and I found a great deal to Costa Rica.  We decided to go now before I get too far along.  If all goes well w/ the ultrasound on Friday, we leave Saturday for a week.  So excited for Costa Rica.  Well, the wait is on til Friday.

“Make It A Great Day–Go Inspire!”


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