Fist Dr. Appointment

I love to work out and eat right. My whole life, I’ve been very active w/ dance, soccer, tennis, you name it.  Up until I found out I was pregnant (Dec 21, 2010), I was still doing weights, running, all my normal routines.  Problem was that I was out of breath, lagging, tired.  I was getting frustrated b/c I knew nothing about pregnancy & at the time, didn’t know I was pregnant. Therefore, I didn’t realize how much the baby takes from you, ie. iron, oxygen, etc.   So, we took the last few weeks off of working out and would just get out and walk (short walks).

Today, we started our workouts again.  This was after going to the Dr. for my first visit.  They were all very excited for me.  They confirmed that I am 9weeks 5days. They tried to hear a heartbeat, but couldn’t. Said it was still too early. I didn’t feel very good about this b/c of the way I was feeling yesterday.  Your mind starts to worry.  I asked them how they knew I was still pregnant? Answer: b/c nothing indicates you wouldn’t be.  Not the kind of answer I like.  I’m very organized, research things too much, I need answers for everything.

I also asked about working out and was told that at this point there was no problem. Not to overdue it, just listen to my body and rest when I need to.  Just b/c a few months ago you could go this long, in this time, you won’t be able to now.  Ok, no probs.  At least I can still do something.  I need to do something, my workouts keep me sane.  They make my day much better. 

So, I went for a light jog and had an indoor soccer game tonight.  Feel pretty good, but just not pushing too hard.

“Make It a Great Day–Go Inspire!”


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