World Jr.’s

We woke up this morning and decided to get out. We have been in a bit of a haze w/ losing Tazz and trying to hide my pregnancy symptoms. We’ve done a good job of not telling anyone.  I’m so nauseous, tired and constantly freezing that it’s hard to hide from everyone, but…

We decided to buy tickets to the World Jr.’s. They are so close this year in Buffalo, NY (about 45mins away).  We got a bus just inside the Canadian border, which took us acrosss and brought us back after the game.  I had a strange feeling all day that I didn’t tell anyone.  I don’t know what’s going on, but I feel very sick today. I’m having these weird pains, but I don’t want to ruin the day, so I’m eating small meals more often and that seems to tame the sickness a bit.  I just don’t feel right.

Anyway, we went to the games and it was a ton of fun! The best game was Sweden vs Russia.  They went into a shootout. Very exciting! Then, came the USA vs Canada game.  Not good for me. Sorry Canadians, I love your country, pay a lot of taxes here, but I am originally American. Also, it makes it more exciting b/c I cheer for the US and MG cheers for Canada.  Well, after this game I was considering changing my views.  Canada stomped us and we played terrible. Pic of US warming up.

We got on the bus, came back across the border and came home.  It was so nice for him to get me out today. I was becoming a hermit and I’m not like that. I just bunkered in at home, hid my pregnancy, cried for Tazz and felt sick on my own terms.

Great day, but wish I could get rid of this weird feeling.

“Make It A Great Day!”


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