Back in Canada

Well, we made it back and Tazz still is not doing the best.  Very concerned.  We have taken him to specialists in Mississauga, local vets, even to my vet when we were in NC.  No one can help.  Can’t figure out why he is not getting better.  Also, 3 days before we left NC we found out my mom had cancer in her left breast and would need a masectomy.  This is extrememly scary and I plan on going back to NC to be with my mom during her surgery.

I am still very sick and we have decided to take a pregnancy test.  Oooohhh the nerves while waiting for that darn pregnancy stick to change.  I’m very excited which I never thought I would be this excited.  Well….the stick changed to positive!!!!

An overwhelming amount of joy! I just never realized how excited I would be.

My only concern is that Tazz is still not feeling well.  I could not possibly lose both of my dogs in the same year.  AS happy as I am to be pregnant, my heart is breaking b/c I worry about my mom and Tazz. 

The word cancer is super scary.  I cannot imagine being told that I have cancer.  I have my mom eating much better and walking.  I also bought her the Suzanne Sommers book re: curing cancer.  She read it all the way through and has gotten many good ideas. 

“Make it a Great Day–Go Inspire!”


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