How Quickly Life Changes…

So, I am originally from Greensboro, NC.  I now live in Hamilton, Ontario Canada.  My fiance, myself and his mother all sell Real Estate together as a team for Remax.  We usually try to get back to my hometown for Christmas every December.  This Christmas was going to be a bit different though.  I had 2 Australian Shepherd dogs that are like my children.  They are part of the family and are with us always.  They are at every real estate showing, listing, you name it.  They have travelled with us everywhere.  MG used to play pro hockey so we have lived in Florida, Texas, Italy, everywhere.  The dogs went with us to all of these places.  By the way, Italy, life changing.  Most incredible place I’ve ever been.

Back to the story.  This past March, I had lost my 12 yr old dog, Stryker to lung cancer (pic below).  This is the most heartache I have ever felt.  I missed him terribly.  That’s what I mean by this being a different Christmas.  We pack the van w/ both dogs and drive to NC.  This year it would only be Tazz.  Believe it or not, Tazz was not doing that well lately either.  He was diagnosed with Lymphangectasia 3yrs prior.  Any questions on this, write me and I’ll answer anything I can. 

We arrived in NC.  It’s so nice to get back and see all my friends and family.  My best friend SV (friends since 4yrs old) now has a baby and he’s so cute.  Always look forward to seeing him and all of her family.  They are basically like my family.

While in NC, I noticed that I felt so nauseaus every day and my cardio was really lagging.  Brushed it off and didn’t think much about it.  See, in July, MG and I decided to stop preventing a family, but weren’t going to try.  I think sometimes you can try too much and stress yourself out, therefore, never getting pregnant.  So, whatever happens, happens.  So, when I was feeling strange, I thought possibly, but had no idea about being pregnant, didn’t know the signs.  We had a great visit and made it back to Canada on Dec 20, 2010.  Always come back here to celebrate b/c there’s young children on MG’s side, so it’s really fun to watch them.

Make it a Great day!! (I’m stealing this tagline from my grandmother–MommaB


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